A festival in Pedasi, makes me feel back home in Belgium and more construction

Seems again I haven’t blogged for a while, this isn’t because there hasn’t been anything to blog about. On the contrary, lets start with a little note about Barrofest. A festival organised just outside of the town of Pedasi. In the afternoon there is a connection to Panamanian tradition, the people get together to build a mud house. In other words everyone gets nice and muddy. In the evening there is a little concert, which made this Belgian feel right at home, the setting really made me think of; Pukemarock, Sphinx, Gladiolen,…. In other words the small Belgian festivals, there is still room to grow and I do see this happening over the years. Next year Coucoucrazy will also try to be on site.

Then what Coucoucrazy is concerned I have to say something about the construction works. We have started building the first casita. Yes in the same year as part one of the project we have also started part two, you know me I get bored quickly so time for more projects. Here are some pictures of the new building. Also one picture of the roof up front now with hammocks for al the chill people.

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