Still building, brewing beer, roasting coffee, selling coffee, giving surfing lessons. Or in other words: busy, busy, busy.

Lets start with the building part. I am still busy at the house, well actually the yard. I have put in an herb garden, an arch for the Maracuya and am now working on an outdoor kitchen/ BBQ area. Also i have created some lounge furniture out off old pallets.

Next week we should be starting construction on the foundation for the container-bar. It already looks super on the plans, thanks to SEPIA in Pedasi.


Next up, I am officially brewing beer. First batch is fermenting on bottle as we speak. This batch was still made in a normal pot on my stove. However it came out pretty well. Now I have also made a batch using my proper gear. I get the little fish in finding Nemo now: the bubbles, the bubbles… fermentation going nicely.


Still roasting different coffees some off witch are on point and thus now for sale. Took the time to make nice labels for the bags with out of the ordinary taste profiles. The sale has been going well and word about the new coffee distributor is going round.


And last but not least there was some time for surfing and not only for me. I was very happy to give Jungle James his first instruction into windsurfing and look forward to our next lesson. It was even so nice to instruct again that I might do some more private lessons, so if you are in Pedasi and want to learn this wonderful sport get in touch.

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  1. You can get my fresh roast at pedasi love( leaving the square towards the farmacy) or after message at my place where you can also test it. I live the house before pizzeria dejavu


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