The second time around part 2


As promised here’s part 2 of my second trip to Panama. We had just left Pedasi via Las Tablas and where now heading for Torio. There I was also in contact with someone who wanted to sell their property on the beach. However I had already heard from some people that this region was less attractive for tourism.

The drive over to Moriato a town a bit before Torio turned out to be longer then expected. This mainly being because of the state of the road. The road is ok if you drive slow and avoid the potholes. However this became more and more difficult as night set in. We had to search a bit to find our hotel Pacifico del Sur. That evening we ate langosta for the first time this trip, of course served with patacones. My mind was still spinning from all the info and all the possibilities I had to consider in Pedasi.


The next day we went for a drive trough Moriato and on to Torio. It’s a very nice place especially the nature. However Torio is a bit out there, it wasn’t stacking up next to Pedasi. The only thing that Moriato could offer that Pedasi will never was the beautiful sunset over the ocean. I foresaw less of a rise in tourism here. So I decided not to get in contact to see the house. By now it was decided it would be Pedasi where I would pursue happiness.

I had been able to do what I came to do on this trip. On the way back I reserved in Casa Mariposa again as we passed by Vale De Anton. Imke was able to meet her spirit animal on her birthday; the sloth. One of the sloths had a baby just 12 days before, you have got to love this tiny little animal. And last but not least thanks to my new friend James for the delicious papaja.

Well time to head back to Belgium and start putting things in motion. Stay tuned for new developments.

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