Lets give you an insight in the day to day at CouCoucrazy.

Of course we start the day with some coffee. Every coffee is an oppertunity to get flowtrough at its best, extraction to perfection, play with pre-infusion, look for the best flavour o yeah and practice some late art. About that time¬† to start working on some pies. Preparing, baking, finishing oo yes and off courseContinue reading “Lets give you an insight in the day to day at CouCoucrazy.”

Normal day-to-day and crazy monday evenings:

In the normal day-to-day I would like to give you an impression of what passes the counter every morning at coucoucrazy.¬† Coffee, pastry, fresh made Quiche; we have what makes a good breakfast. Now we also offer different iced teas and smoothies, all fresh and homemade. In the take away we upped our game byContinue reading “Normal day-to-day and crazy monday evenings:”

Bying stuff, boxing stuff up, learning and discussing

Yes here I am again. And I am still busy with the Panama Project. I have bought some more windsurf sails this week as well as a new, well at least its new for me, grinder. Look at that beauty; a K30 twin Mahlkonig. I bought it second-hand and the first one I went toContinue reading “Bying stuff, boxing stuff up, learning and discussing”