More animals and a lookout tower.

Here at coucoucrazy we love animals and we have not forgotten our Belgian friends. That is why we are expanding our finca and our animals are all named for friends. The first ones on the scene are Hans and Magali the sheeps and off course Carolien the goat. Then also worth mentioning is that weContinue reading “More animals and a lookout tower.”

Plants producing and animals growing.

The Coucoucrazy terrain is slowly but surely becoming a Finca. Just last week our first Papaya ripend, banana’s will be there soon, we have a passionfruit overflow, the herb garden is growing full with cranberry hibiscus, kurkuma, brocoli,… Just a little of all we are producing. But most importantly: its harvesting time for the GeishaContinue reading “Plants producing and animals growing.”

A little Germany in Pedasi: Oktoberfest !!!

As the new brewery is fully functional now we needed an event to celebrate this. Although a little late,  7th, 8th and 9th of November, we hosted an Oktoberfest. Beers where brewed and imported from Belgium,  Bratwurst was made and a whole sheep was slowly cooked. It would not have been a Coucoucrazy event withoutContinue reading “A little Germany in Pedasi: Oktoberfest !!!”

Casita almost finished, making a jungle out of my bar and the animals.

Soo, I have been working hard again the last few weeks. The bar has gotten a bit more quiet, it is low season. That is except for monday when the new beer brings out the people. As it has been more relax I found the time to work in the first casita; paintjob, installing aContinue reading “Casita almost finished, making a jungle out of my bar and the animals.”

Lets give you an insight in the day to day at CouCoucrazy.

Of course we start the day with some coffee. Every coffee is an oppertunity to get flowtrough at its best, extraction to perfection, play with pre-infusion, look for the best flavour o yeah and practice some late art. About that time  to start working on some pies. Preparing, baking, finishing oo yes and off courseContinue reading “Lets give you an insight in the day to day at CouCoucrazy.”