Coffee “tripping” in Boquete, more brewing and making bread:

Hi dear reader, just checking in. Bussiness as usual here at coucoucrazy. As we were running low on some varietals of coffee, we went and selected from this years harvest in Boquete. From farm visits to cupping sessions, it was all fabulous, partially thanks to my beautifull company (you know who you are). Then justContinue reading “Coffee “tripping” in Boquete, more brewing and making bread:”

Coucoucrazy events and Coucoucrazy at the events.

Soo little while ago Coucoucrazy was visited by Tropix. This was the perfect opportunity to host a free cupping session with Coucoucrazy coffee. We thank Melanie Nunez for all the info and help offered to our clients. Everyone left with a deeper understanding of the flavours that can be found in coffee.   Then CoucoucrazyContinue reading “Coucoucrazy events and Coucoucrazy at the events.”