Lets give you an insight in the day to day at CouCoucrazy.

Of course we start the day with some coffee. Every coffee is an oppertunity to get flowtrough at its best, extraction to perfection, play with pre-infusion, look for the best flavour o yeah and practice some late art.


About that time  to start working on some pies. Preparing, baking, finishing oo yes and off course quality testing. And as you can see at CouCouCrazy you are never working alone.

Oke that one passed the test, on to coffee; not as a barista but as a roaster this time. Getting that catuai on the shelves. Already have the profile for that one so the work is half done. Just tweeking a bit here and there and training my nose.

Oke bagged and labeled that one can go on the machine in 2 days.  Lets make it a coffee day and go to cultivating now, lets go check on some plants. Look who loves haning out between coffeeplants, my favorite co-worker.

Some plants are still flowering but others are already giving  yield. Who wouldn’t love this job, in the sun between the flowers helping that morning tradition come to life.

Hung out between the plants a bit long and it is getting dark, time to do some inside work. Brewtime and the brew of today will be with a chocolate infusion. Callebaut 811, there is only one real chocolate.

That was it for today, tired out I get to bed and start dreaming of tomorrow….


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