From container to bar.

Heei all you loyal followers, sorry to keep you waiting. I have not been taking much time to blog, take pictures or be on social media. This does not mean that things have not been moving along. The team of SEPIA is going as quick as they can with this weather, because even for rainy season it has been raining a lot this week.  But as you can see in the pictures, they keep on building. Orlando( my helping hand) and me have been cleaning out the inside, sanding the floor, varnishing it and just take a look at the deposito side coming allong.


I have also been working on the corotu slabs I got from Jungle James making them ready to be my kitchen counters. After some cutting, sanding and a nose full of sawdust this is the result, well there is some more sanding to do though.


Then some of you might have already noticed on instagram, but work has slowed down because of health reasons. Nothing severe but i broke my big toe running at Playa Toro. Reminder; lift up my feet higher when running. See life lesson learned now onwards.1BFD1063-4FB3-408F-8502-9F5C5B766211


And this was somewhat longer ago but I have not posted the pictures of our mascot visiting the waterfall in Cambutal; which is breathtaking.


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