Getting closer and closer.

Well just a quick word here, because I am sill busy with the same work: getting that container ready to be a coffee bar. Posting some pictures so you can all see how it is coming along. Inside we have also finished the paint job so soon I will be cutting my bad boy open, making windows, I hope that by then the roof on top of the container will be finished, because rain season has officially started, buckets falling out of the sky now. Hopefully soon I will be able to enjoy the view of that other season that has started in Pedasi: whale season.

Now I have to go get ready for a last-minute training, this to get me 100% ready for the next triathlon, this sunday. Well jut duatlon for me as I have entered in a team so I just have to swim and run. And then I end with a picture to make you all jealous; the chocolat\ baleys cake I made this week.264FBAA1-6FDD-4E4D-A7EE-0DC9EEB663CE


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