Tasting beer, painting the container and my new toy.

So it has been a while since my last blog. This is mainly due to my busy schedule; baking pies, roasting coffee, brewing beer, bottling said beer and getting the container ready for the next fase of construction. Just typing these things out it feels like a lot to do. But never to busy to organise an evening filled with beer, fine food and good company. Thus the first beer tasting at coucoucrazy is a fact. Again all my thanks to the attending people for making this a success.

Furthermore I have been getting the container ready for the next fase of construction. Since I have finished the paint job on the roof today, SEPIA can go ahead with building a roof over my bad boy. Feels like I have been painting and cleaning for weeks, getting the oxidation away and putting on multiple layers of anti-corrosive paint ( 6 in total on the roof just to be sure).

And last but not least, with a minimum of problems I got my Danish designed, Taiwan assembled coffee roaster shipped to my door in Panama. I have tested my new toy and it works just lovely. Looking forward to many more roasts on my Bullet Allio R1. Hopefully soon coffee out of my own garden.


My own garden that now features its very own well and rainwater system by the way. As you notice I have not been lounging around doing nothing. Hope to write soon that the whole container is finished untill then take care all of my readers. IMG_2257

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