The waffle brunch, training, getting coffee on point and planting more coffee

Soo as was mentioned last time, I have not only been working and there was also time for fun. Although this fun is also some form of work. I invited some friends over the day before my father left. We had a brunch with Belgian waffles. Soo lots of fun, good company but also training to get my waffles perfect for the bed and breakfast. Luckely there were no complaints from the critical testing jury.

Not only the waffles where practiced and tested. Soo was the late art and the roasts and there was time to play with a cold brew. Nice cocktails where the reward.

Then it was back to planting the plants. I did the hard work, digging holes of 80 cm deep in the hard clay ground, this so the roots have a place to go. The actual planting was done by my beautiful assistant.  She did not immediately find my holes, as it had rained heavely between digging and planting, but when she found them this happened:


All this planting and digging ended up in a mud fight or how working can be fun underneath the tropical sun. Well more adventures to be had and more coffee to be made, catch you next time as the coucoucrazy story unfolds.

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