Changes made to the house

I know I have been neglecting my blogging responsibilities, so lets try and catch up a little bit. The first things that I should tell you about are the changes I have made to the house. First there was the mezzanine, tough thing to get up all by myself but I managed in the end, making just one more bed ( a King size one).

After that was done, I got to install some music in the house. More specific I installed and connected my old denon record player, that I got from granny. It works here just as well as it did in Belgium.


Then it was outside work. I was in desperate need of some more space, to put my boards, a washing machine, my tools,… So time to add a little extra to the house and get a good work out at the same time as I turned all the concrete by hand. It was a though but rewarding job.

After the build it was off course time to fill my new place and time to reward myself with a Belguim beer.

Since I now knew how to work concrete I build some more things. In a tropical land as Panama you need an outside shower and who does not want some flowers next to the patio.

Oke the outside looks good now, I have an extra bed on the mezzanine, but the bed in the guestroom is not up yet. As you will remember I have a floating bed in my room and wanted to do the same for the guestroom. Well they finally had the rope I wanted to use so, guest bed up and swinging!

Last but not least in this blog about the building I have done in the last month is the extra filter I put in, off course for the water for COFFEE.


As you can see a lot has gotten build in this month, kind off feel like bob the builder a little bit. But as you will notice from the up comming blogs this was not all that got done in December. Next up visiting coffee regions and getting plant in.


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