Yes, official Panama resident

It has already been a week now since I got my temporary Panama visa. It took some time because the system was down when we arrived at the immigration office in Santiago. Once the system was running we got going with the paperwork, when I say we I actually mean my lawyer. I just had to wait a long time, which wasn’t to bad as it turned out that my friends Jungle James and Rebecca where also there to get there residency. At the end of the day I was able to drive home with a new residence license.

Then there was the dia de Patria, or the national holiday, which means almost a week of party. Yes, yes there was even a carnival style float in town. Nice times.



But since it can not be all party, we also got some work done. Getting supplies with Pepper ( my beautiful Hilux). Getting shelves up, putting cork up, putting in a couch… Then there was the big stuff, pouring concrete for the first time. All of it hand mixed, hard work but satisfying

Then to end on a sporty fashion, I got a friend here to dust off his bike and start training again. We have been riding a few times now and not only the ride is super, but the views on the way where breathtaking.IMG_1714

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