Things to do in town and the triatlon

Soo last week there was a lot to do in town. A musical evening an artistic feest to celebrate the new murals. First the women sang local traditional songs, then there was a local band that played beautiful Spanish music. Oo and there where 2 dollar mochito’s that where better then the price suggested.


Then on sunday there was a triatlon in my own town, up to saterday evening I could not find how I could inscrube, so I tough I would skip this one and go for the next one. As I went for yoga on saterday evening, in the square I saw the organisation handig out the bags for the triatlon. I asked if I could still enter and I could. So come sunday I participated in the 56k triatlon, I was not ready for a 113k. And as it turns out I was more in shape then I thought because I took second place. For more pictures check

While waiting for the ceremonie to get my honorary plate, there was a group of girls doing a dans in the square. I don’t know a lot about dans but I liked it.


Next up getting my residency.

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