The Going Away Party

IMG_1803As my move to Panama is getting really close now 09/10/2017 and my birthday was yesterday, we had a big going away party this weekend. My mother helped a lot with the planning of the party so I could spend time on the little special things like: finishing the home-brewed beer (labelled with a goodbye note), roasting coffee especially for the party, preparing the tuna for the BBQ and off course the deserts. I can give you a little view of some of these things, however was to busy with the party to take pictures off the party, typically me. Me cousin ( the brewer) also put some of the guests to work during the party,  harvesting hops for a next beer.

I would again like to thank everyone for coming, for all the good wishes, the presents and all the love; we will miss you all ( yes we; it was also Gingers going away party)IMG_1801

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