Loading the container

Hi there, I’m just going to get right to it; yesterday was a very big day regarding my move to Pedasi. Yesterday we loaded up the container, my goods are on their way to Pedasi. Also I got my first look at the coffee bar to be.

For the loading I was lucky I was able to count on family and friends and Charles his tractor. Five men, one tractor and 3 hours of loading later my big red container was loaded, sealed and on its way to Antwerp. This not before the guys put some jokes and drawings on the side off course, bunch of vandals.

Today the container will be loaded on the M/S Valapraiso Express, that will take it on a 16 day journey to Manzanillo. Then before you know it the container will be on a truck heading for Pedasi.

Everything is coming very close now. Today I also received an e-mail from the Embassy saying that all the documents for Ginger are ready to be Legalised. Planning is of the essence now.

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