Brewing Beer



Hi there, glad to be blogging again. Last few weeks in Belgium, not too much to do anymore. All the documents for my move and Gingers move are ready now, they just have to be stamped by the FAVV and the Embassy.

So I am starting to think about my going away party. Yesterday I visited my cousin, who is now starting to brew beer. We spent all afternoon brewing Coucoucrazy-beer. The beer that I will serve at my going away party. Friends in Pedasi have already asked me to brew beer there, seeing how there is no real good beer and I am Belgian. I didn’t really want to do this as coffee is my business not beer. However I did like brewing beer and it is not all to difficult, so who knows.


Looking forward to 9th of October, that’s when Ginger and me will be leaving for our new home. A bit anxious but I guess that is normal. Next up the embassy.

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