Preparations, Preparations

Well first thing to be said, is that even though I am back in Belgium I am working hard at the Panama project.  Ordering the coucoucrazy gear: my working clothes ( still to arrive), lycra’s for people who forgot theirs, business cards, stickers with the logo,…. Other thing that has been ordered; a waffle iron, yes we will be doing Belgian Waffles!!

Now that I had the gear it was time to get the word out so: Coucoucrazy at the festivals.


Thanks to my two lovely promogirls we might have reached some people. Well in all fairness I doubt it, but it was good fun anyway.

Furthermore there was again some paperwork and a vaccine for Ginger, her papers are now all in order and being translated. I also did more of my paperwork, I got my model eight paper. Most of you will not know this paper, it just means that it is official I am not going to live in Belgium anymore.

And then last but not least, I was able to spend a lot of time with our official mascot; walking in the sunshine, playing at the seaside,….. I guess she is also ready for Panama.

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