Working, Working, Progress and roadtrip

IMG_20170628_131921Hi, glad to be writing again. This means I have stopped working for a moment. Last you might have read I was living in rather rough circumstances. This has al changed thanks to some hard work . First I started painting, then building. Off course the building started with a bed. So I could move from an airbed to a “floating in the air bed”. My carpenter friends might say it’s not done perfect, but I am very pleased with my work. Then I got working on a bathroom and a kitchen. Wich I have also finished now. I have even been able to make a table and some benches, now I can have some of the warm people who have been so nice for me here in Panama over for dinner.

And there is more, I also got my bank account open. Which was a lot faster than expected. Which meant I could buy a car. After searching for a while I found the red beauty underneath here. Now I can transport people who come here and gear; surfboards, windsurfing material, mountain bikes,… Should be no problem with this monster.


Last but not least I got some fruit trees planted. Went by several viveros and got some; papaya, mango, passion fruit, guava, coconut, Curacao apple and orange. The main one I am still missing is banana, well banana and coffee off course. Pictures of my fruity yard will have to wait since my Iphone broke down and I will have to find another way to get pictures up.

For the Hostal/BNB I have also been talking to more contractors. Have been by the municipio ( townhall) to see that my zoning is ok, which it is. Have met up with an architect at Sepia in Pedasi, so she could take a look at my plans. Well you get the idea, preliminary works.

After all off the above you get one tired Dennis, that is why when friends asked if I was up for a road trip to Bouquete I immediately said yes. This way I would not see and start all the work I still want to do on the house. And off course I would get the chance to visit the beautiful Bouquete once more, buy some of the world renounced coffee, visit some fincas…



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