Back in Pedasi, smile on my face and sun in my hart


Hi again, I am writing the blog from Panama now. I arrived a week and a half ago and have been meaning to write something about what I am doing earlier. Only I have been so busy. When I  arrived there was lots to do. I went by Jonathan, who you might remember was the equity agent with Panama equity that showed me the property, to get my keys and give him some Belgian chocolates. Then I went to my house, yes aa feels good to say: MY HOUSE in Pedasi. The grass had grown tall since last I had been here. So this week I have been busy cutting the grass, making the house into a home, meeting people/neighbors… Meanwhile ruffing it, because at first I did not have water nor anywhere to sleep. But a lot has changed in a week. Still sleeping on an air mattress for the moment, while I build my bed. IMG_1648

But a lot of work has been done this week, painting, getting gear, fixing the water supply, fixing the toilet bowls…. There was also some time for fun off course, I have already been wave surfing just outside my door on playa toro, have been out to visit friends and meet new ones.

What more has happened; opened my bank account, met up with some contractors to talk about the construction of the BNB, am looking for a car, got my papers for the visa in order. Yes it has been a very busy week. And the next one will still be very filled and packed with work and fun. After that I should have some more time to blog.

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