The logo and the rush


Haha, I told you guys, the logo is finished. The one you see above is the logo for the BNB/Hostel I will be opening in Pedasi Panama. It took my friend some time but she got it done, I would again like to thank the one responsible (you know who you are). But that’s not all, there is a separate logo for the coffee bar, actually there are 2.

Now I can start ordering stickers, making cards, printing shirts… But don’t get ahead off myself, there is no time for that now. This because I have only just returned from my vacation in Canada ( which was awesome) and leave for Panama in a week. There is still lots to be done before then. Today I finally finalized my board-bag I’m taking with me. I had to redo it all or I was going to have to pay overweight. Furthermore I am busy packing up the last household good, as I will be moving to my mom’s place Friday. Ooo, it’s all getting so close. Well got to run and organize more stuff.

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