A crazy week of preparations, then vacation!

Hi there, last week was one of the most productive weeks when it comes to Panama planning. This partly because I only had to work two days last week, these also being my last days on the job. This left me with 3 weekdays to get a lot of Panama planning done. Monday I went for a tour of Holland, I had planned out the whole day, driving from town to town to buy up surfboards and a SUP board. I had made appointments before and everything was on a tight schedule. However the Sunday before Feyenoord had to win te soccer championship and thus when I had to pass Rotterdam I got stuck in a lot of traffic, all Feyenoord fans comming to Rotterdam to party.  I did get all the visits done, but I was home very late.

Next very importent point of business, getting my documents to apply for residency in Panama stamped and stipulated. Previously I already had the necessary documents translated, they also got a stamp of the court of Antwerp. Now it was time to drive to Brussels and have them stamped at 2 different federal offices. This taking half off my day and forcing me to undergo long waiting and organisation that would make Frans Kafka proud. But it got done, ready to move.



Well almost ready, the rest of the week I spent packing  up boxes, placing everything as it should got in my container. Doing this I found that it might be a better choice to go for a 40 foot container. Seems I do want to take more with me.

Last thing to mention: the logo’s are finished and look spectacular. However as I need to convert them and can’t do that now, I hope you will be waiting in anticipation for the next 2 weeks. For at the moment I am on holliday in Canada so I will write again in 2 weeks and I promiss I will post the logo’s then. Would like to thank everyone who helped with the logo’s already, especially Anouk. Thank you girl!

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