Preparing my bag

Yes, yes I know it is still more than 4 weeks before I leave for Panama again. Butt it’s not my bag with clothes I am talking about. It’s the surfing gear bag, as you read before I booked 1 surfing gear bag on my KLM flight in June. I can’t be in Pedasi and not have any gear, it was though enough last time. But as a flight can be quite hard on the material I am super packing it all.

I am also doing this now as in between now and leaving for Pedasi in June I will be travelling to Canada with one of my best buddies. It was a promise I made and I look forward to living up to. As I don’t see myself traveling to Canada once I am settled in paradise, it was best we do this road trip before I head to Panama.

Last thing to report, is that leaving can mean hard goodbyes. I said goodby to one of my favorite toys this week. My motorcycle has been converted to money to by more surfboard. Farewell good friend, we had some nice times.

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