Bying stuff, boxing stuff up, learning and discussing

IMG_1580Yes here I am again. And I am still busy with the Panama Project. I have bought some more windsurf sails this week as well as a new, well at least its new for me, grinder. Look at that beauty; a K30 twin Mahlkonig. I bought it second-hand and the first one I went to look at did not meet the expectations, in other words I drove 3 hours for nothing. Butt the second one, which was only 1,5 hour drive was near mint condition. I”ll be testing that beauty extensively tomorrow morning.

Then, as my place is now for rent, I am preparing to move to my mother. I am starting to box everything up that I will have to move to Panama as this will be stored in the garage for now.


This week was also a busy one because I had 2 evenings of lessons for my boating degree. Turns out I will also have to do some practical training, this has to be signed off by someone who already has the degree. So looking to my father or brother to go on the water with me and put their Jhon Hancock under my certificate. Thanks in advance.

Also there was a lot to discuss this week, actually last weekend. I went to the christening of my friend Bart’s little boy Matia not thinking of doing any Panama “work” that day. However I met a lot of old friends there and turns out one off them will do my logo, one of them can help me with the electrical plan for the container bar and yet another is now employed in the sea transport sector and could help me get my container on site. May thanks to all of you, you know who you are.

All the pieces are falling together and everything is getting closer. Next work I will put myself to; making a folder with all the drawings, measurements, requirements for the contractors and getting this site more to the top in search engines, in case you want to help please make my site your homepage.

2 thoughts on “Bying stuff, boxing stuff up, learning and discussing

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    1. bedank herman,

      Heb al een deel van de zaken kunnen regelen. Alleen die metatags heb ik niet zo goed door. Ik kan die hier in wordpress ingeven, maar kan ik daar dan gewoon woorden taggen?


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