The windsurfing gear

Well, hi there again. Its been some time. What news, well I have already sold of a lot of my furniture, the house is starting to feel empty.  Have been searching for more contractors in Panama, not an easy job. But I’ll get some more contacts via friends I hope.

Then there was the surfgear (windsurf) I owned and bought especially for Panama. This gear could use a touch up so this weekend I emptied the table and got to it. Cleaning, going over it with sand paper, putting new varnish on, letting it dry and repeating the whole thing. Now the boards are ready. Funny thing, just as I am writing this a courier arrived with my new mast, booms, extenders and footstraps.


So that leaves the wavesurf material to fix. And off course getting everything over there. For my trip in June I have decided to book some extra space, so I can take one set of windsurf gear and one wavesurfboard, but which one??

And last thing to mention; my bussiness partner, the mascot, the all round loved dog has turned 5, happy birthday Ginger. And what did the diva do on her birthday? She suntanned, is this dog ready for Panama or what.IMG_1565

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