coffee gear


Today my new gear arrived. Since I will also be opening a coffee bar and providing people with breakfast I needed gear to make good coffee. I loved shopping around for this, a bit like a little kid in a candy store. I had to check that I didn’t go over budget as I would have emptied the store if possible.

I was able to restraint myself and I only bought what I found necessary: a few french presses, a few chemex slow drip, a cold coffee drip, scales, pitchers, thermometers, filter papers, aeropresses, etching tools,….. Look at it all, a barista’s delight.


You’ll notice I’m missing an espresso machine, well I already had one. Espresso’s will be made using my 30th birthday present: my Speedster. Which at the moment is still on the kitchen counter.


Now I just need some cups and off course some coffee and the bar has everything it needs to run. Still constantly practicing on my barista skills.

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