Second-hand buy

Well this week I got to buying stuff. You read how I was selling a lot of my stuff on second hand sites, as I will not be taking a couch, chairs, … with me to Panama. I will buy another couch, this also because a white leather couch just isn’t Panama. So sold off a lot of stuff.

So I had some extra money, this week I started spending it on gear I do want to put in the container to take with me. As bikes would be very handy to get to town and to the beach this was my first concern. I already had 2 mountainbikes and now I have bought 3 more, all Ridley off course, lets take the Belgian Pride to Panama.

I’m also buying some extra mountainboards, some windsurfgear( just for me) and some wavesurfboards to rent out. However I can’t seem to decide which ones.

Well I have time, lets just sleep on it.

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