Second hand sale

Hi there again last post you could read that I plan to rent out my house in Vorselaar, Belgium. After talking to a friend of mine who is in the real estate business I have decided to rent it out without furniture. (thanks by the way Wieland) So I will have to sell of the furniture. Know anyone who needs some chairs or a couch?



More things to tell, well last week there was no taalcaroussel but this evening I am going out to train Spanish again. Looking forward to that, I also bought some books to help me get there faster, lets see If I still know how to study.

Speaking of study I will have to do that some more of that as I enlisted in a course to get my international boating certificate. Don’t know if I will be needing this but as I am moving close to the see, I believe it couldn’t hurt to have it.

Then there was also some mailing this week. Mailed my lawyer so she has a scan of my passport to finish the buy of the corporation. Also mailed 2 other contractors with my plans, I’m exited to hear back from them. That sums up the preparations of this week I guess.

Again forgetting something, I booked my flight for June. Aa something to look forward to while in stormy Belgium. I’ll be back in Panama on the 19th of June and I have a whole month to get everything I need to do done.

Next up well studying

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