The bank again



Hello there, today was another bank visit. This time to  wire over the money to buy the corporation. So, if it all keeps going as good as it is going, I will be the owner of a Panamanian corporation in a few days. Just typing it gets me excited, a bit scared too but mostly happy. Wheels are in motion. As you can see, nice weather this time but still very cold.

containerMore things to mention, well this week I got more info on shipping and buying a shipping container. Plan is to send over a container come October with goods like the coffee machine, some mountain bikes, surfboards etc. ( the etc. off course including some Belgian beer and chocolate for my Panamanian friends). When the container arrives in Pedasi  plan is to buy it so it is left at the property and can be build into a coffee bar, already I would like to thank Charles for all the help with planning out how to do this. Normally Charles will also come by in November to do the whole container into bar switch.


And last but not least this week I received the first offer back from a contractor in Pedasi to build the casitas and dormidori. It was a very basic quote, just so I know what they all offer and what they charge. I’m going to reply with some more questions and ask them to make out a full quote by June. Then we can discuss it when I am there, in Panama. Off course I am also getting in contact with other contractors, however I must say for a first quote this was a very nice one.

Next up, well booking a flight and getting back over there off course. Lets see what do they offer around June.

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