Western Union


So this week’s work; getting money to Pedasi. This to pay the person who checked out the house, double checked that the electricity, water etc. is working well and made out a whole report on the state of the house. ┬áBy the way the house is fine, just some minor problems which the seller has agreed to have looked at. So good news again, time to pay the man for a job well done. This has proven more difficult than I foresaw. The person I am working with has no bank account, so I had to send the money to him via Western Union. I went online and filled out the necessary numbers, boxes. Some time later I got a mail that payment had been cancelled; no reason just to inform me payment had been cancelled. So I tried again, with the same effect.

This was turning in to the first bump on the road, till I saw you can send money via Western Union at the post office. So I went to my regular post office where they helped me out in a friendly and quick manner and now money has been sent plus I have a gold card to save points and make further transactions easier.

It was more difficult than expected but it got done and I kept my smile.

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