Deciding on my future


Last post you could read how I visited Panama for the second time and how I was charmed by Pedasi. Even before I got home to Belgium I knew Pedasi would be the place I would start-up a business. The house and ground we, Jonathan and I, went to look at on via Toro interested me the most. When I got home after the exhausting flight, which was mainly spent drawing out the B&B/Hostel that would have to be built on the 2 grounds that were still empty, I sent a mail to Jonathan asking some more information on the place.

I got a reply with good news; the 2 grounds next to the house were also for sale and they were put into a corporation for easy transfer. Most importantly everything was affordable, or so my business plan tells me. In the next 2 weeks we went from gathering information on the corporation to making an offer and closing the deal, Panama works quickly. So by the end of February the house you see in the picture above will be mine ( for all the friends: yes there is a guest room). I would like to thank Jonathan for all his help and of course I thank for helping me find the real estate that fits my dream.

Also wonderful is that the entire property is held under a Panamanian corporation. So I am buying a corporation. Which is wonderful because owning a corporation is one of the requirements to get a Panaminian visa under the friendly nation visa act. So part one of the visa requirements; check. However there will be a lot more things to check off before I can get my permanent residency in Panama. We have arrived at the point of no return and I must say, looking out the window at the rainy grey sky of Belgium, I am glad.

Next up paperwork.

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