The second time around

As you can see the second time around also started with a few days in Panama City. My travel companion this time was Imke. We went in January of 2017, the time between my last visit to Panama and this new travel was mainly consumed with study; the laws on immigration, tax laws, business laws, visa┬ápossibilities, bussines possibilities, tourism, Spanish…. Therefore I now had a good sence of where I should travel after leaving Panama City. The chosen destination was The Azuero Peninsula where I was specifically going to look at 2 regions, the one around Pedasi and the one around Torio.


Pedasi was first up. Before I went I had already looked up the real estate on the market in this region.I got to mailing with a Dutch couple who were selling a house (picture above) and little casita just outside of town. As they were selling it through a real estate agent this gave me the opportunity to meet Johnathan. The first night in Pedasi was a quiet one as Imke and I were both tired of the long drive from Panama City. I decided to pas by the real estate office in the morning. Next morning I met Johnathan at the office. He first showed me the Dutch people’s place and as he felt that this was not totally what I was looking for he also showed me 2 other properties. Little did I know the last property would become CouCouCrazy.

After our visit to the different real estate options Johnatan invited us to the river the next day. It was a day of leisure where we got to meet some more friendly people. Pedasi was shaping up to be perfect, Torio would have to have something special to trump Pedasi. What I also noticed was that every day there was wind and I mean good wind, which being a windsurfer really spoke to me.

The next few days Imke and I went surfing and just hanging back at playa Venao. This beautiful beach is a 45 minutes drive from Pedasi. We saw a majestic moon, went to an all you can eat BBQ and met some new friend, we also grabbed a wave. The waves where of a nice height but they collapsed quickly.

Before leaving Pedasi for Torio we had some visits to do. On the way out of playa Venao we drove past James’ house, a friend we had met at the river, he had invited us to come and look at the house he was building. I must give it to James he did not brag when he said we would want to see this. A nice house on the hill, a breathtaking view from te patio, a lot of woodwork and a whole lot of fruit planted and ripe. He gave us a huge papaya to take “home”. On the drive to Torio we also stopped over in Las Tablas to give Michelle power of attorney so she could handle the purchase of a property or company. Michelle being my lawyer in Panama.

Please keep following as the second time around part 2 will be posted soon.

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