Coucoucrazy is the brainchild of a crazy Belgian that went to seek out his happiness in Panama. The bussiness incorporates a lot of things. Lets look at them one by one.

The coffeebar:

Let’s start at the beginning. It was always the plan to open a containerbar in a tropical place where coffee and pastry could be served. The coffee is sourced from Panamanian fincas up in Boquete, Volcan, Santa Fe, Volcancito, Jamarillo,…. Often there is also foreign coffee avaliable from Colombia, Costa Rica,… All the coffee served is sourced green and roasted on spot as to provide for a fresh cup. Our barista can help you find the cup that suits you and there is always enough to choose from, ranging from a floral soft and sweet Geisha to a nice lemon acidic Catuai.

Pair your coffee with one of our delicious sweets, made by a Belgian pastry chef and often with the best Belgian chocolat. Pies are always available as are Belgian Waffles, cookies, …


The Brewery:

Once in Panama it became obvious that something was missing. A good beer!! Since importing beer is a bit difficult the only other option was brewing it. Soo that is how it came to be that Coucoucrazy now also incorporates an artisinal brewery.  Containers seemed to be a good fit so we put down one more to have room to brew. On top of the second container a tower was constructed so you can enjoy a view of the sea at Coucoucrazy. If you are in the neighbourhood pop by on a monday and expierience one of our well known monday sunset sessions.


The Casita:

To give people the chance to fully enjoy the relax natural enviroment that is our finca we have constructed a place for them to stay. Our casita is available for short term rental, long term rental or with the Bed and Breakfast option. Situated on the property between plants and animals you can come and feel one with nature.


The Finca:

Over time the terrain surrounding the bar, brewery and casita has grown to become a real finca. We have a garden that produces passion fruit, banana, kurkuma, platano, cranberry hibiscus, papaya, coffee… As we at Coucoucrazy also love animals our farm has grown ovetime with 2 dogs, a cat, 2 chickens, 2 goats and a sheep. One of our goats (little Hans) was born right here at the far and is very sociable.